Susan Locke, RA

Mobile: 808-785-8003
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Susan Locke, RA for Hawaii Sunset Real Estate, LLC is impassioned about helping clients achieve their dream of owning a piece of the rock on the Big Island of Hawaii.   Hawaii is a special place and for many people the connection to the island is strong, making them feel like they are home.  Susan knows this feeling well and strives to be attentive to each of her client’s individual perspectives when searching out their perfect island home.Susan’s career in professional real estate comes after more than 30 years working both for a private financial institution, which included mortgage banking and in public education working with budgeting and finance.  For more than 25 years she has personally enjoyed buying, improving and selling real estate and through her experiences has gained insight, understanding and enthusiasm to help others recognize their dream of home ownership.  Her drive to begin a new career had Susan completing real estate classes on-line while still on the mainland and passing her license exam once arriving in Hawaii.  Susan has an eye for detail and brings a unique design idea to each home that will most certainly be invaluable to her clients.Susan and her husband Kreg spent time attending open houses during their frequent visits to the Big Island.  During one such open house visit they met Don and developed a relationship that has blossomed over the past couple of years to one of mutual respect and wonderfully into a great friendship.  Seeing the properties and experiencing the aloha spirit helped motivate them to purchase their first island home in 2014.  They furnished and decorated their island home and hired Don and Nancie to manage vacation rentals of their property.  This experience gave Susan further insight into her desire to follow a new career path that would include helping guests to have the visit of their dreams when staying in one of the homes managed by Hawaii Sunset Real Estate, LLC. Their love for the island brought them home for good in 2015 and as new residents they have sought out new experiences such as paddling with a group on an outrigger canoe and attending Twilight at Kalahuipua’a. Susan and Kreg love the warm Kona sun, the water and find opportunities to swim, body surf, kayak and snorkel as often as they can.  They embrace physical fitness and love running and walking in Kona town to watch the surf and sunsets.  They also enjoy riding bicycles and as residents look forward to learning to stand up paddle board.  Susan has been an avid gardener and looks forward to the opportunity to learn more about native plants and what she can grow in order to share with others.  Susan’s enthusiasm, connection to the island, knowledge and care will make your home search a success!