News on the Big Island

Our local newspaper, West Hawaii Today, is delivered to my house every morning around 3:00AM. My morning routine is to get my first cup of coffee, give the dogs a treat to keep them busy and then sit down to read the paper. Some days, especially Mondays, it is more like a newsletter than a newspaper. Sunday is my favorite first because of the comics, all the sale ads, the magazine section and lastly of course the news. Now mind you our paper doesn’t carry a lot of International news or even Mainland news. Most of us get this kind of news from the Internet and TV. What our paper does best is the local news. Who did what, who didn’t, who got a DUI, who won an award, what local events are coming and how the events of the last week were attended.

Saturday’s paper on February 18, 2012 was especially informative. The front page headline announced “Fantasy (BIG) Island. It seems the Big Island, also known as the Orchid Isle, was rated by a West Coast magazine as one of the top “fantasy towns” places its readers may want to move. The article then went on to talk about the “superb” quality of life, the black sand beaches, and low key attitude. All positives for anyone inclined to abandon the big city ways and kick back to enjoy life. It also mentioned that you may have to give up some of the “big city” conveniences.

The next article on the front page concerned NELHA, Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority, where all kinds of interesting experimentation and exploration are happening. The Friends of NELHA, a nonprofit group gives tours of this “light industrial “area to the public. The tour gives a history of the area and educates the public on what is being done with the deep sea water being pumped up from about 2000 feet down. The tour also includes tasting the abalone and Kampachi that are being raised at NELHA. Other activities at NELHA include a solar plant, water desalination plant, the production of natural supplements made from seaweed such as Bio Astin and Spirolina and my favorite a seahorse farm where they are raising seahorses for aquariums.

The third article located on the front page takes us from NELHA at sea level to the top of Mauna Kea where the world famous Keck Observatory has a new instrument that is bringing astronomers from around the world to the Big Island. MOSFIRE as the new equipment is called does something with infrared light and enabling the scientist to observe 46 objects simultaneously. This is all above my head but world scientists seem very excited about it. I have been to the top of Mauna Kea several times just to enjoy the night sky and view my Island from a different perspective.

So when the headline article, mentioned above, quotes someone as saying that moving to the Fantasy Big Island includes giving up on many things including amazing restaurants, museums and theatre I say POOOO! Come taste our Abalone and Kampachi, come explore nature’s museum at NELHA and come see the most amazing show on earth at the top of Mauna Kea in the night sky.
Come to the Big Island, let me help!