Thanksgiving Time

Thanksgiving is in the air, even in Hawaii. Sometimes in the warm temperatures and lack of obvious season changes it is difficult to remember the,” over the river and through the woods,” feelings you may have experienced as a child. Back then Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays were heralded by the leaves changing color, the first frost nipping at your nose and of course the long awaited first snowfall.

Here in Hawaii, the stores are playing Christmas music, the artificial trees are on sale and blow up Santa’s are seen almost everywhere. But it was just not the same for me (an original New Jersey girl) until today.

I live about 1 ½ miles mauka (up the mountain) from downtown Kailua Kona. Today while walking my dogs, I heard the gobble, gobble of wild turkeys. In the middle of the street was the most beautiful Tom Turkey, puffed up and tail feathers spread, just like a peacock. His wattle was bright red and as he rustled his tail feathers at me he grunted and made the gobble gobble sound. I had to laugh out loud. My dogs looked at me as if I were crazy (they just wanted to chase him) and I can’t imagine what any neighbors might have thought had they seen me. “Watch out Mr. Tom, Thanksgiving is coming and your pompous display and brave facade only makes my mouth water.” He was, of course, just warning his harem of thirteen hens about the approach of possible danger of an unarmed woman and her two small non hunting dogs. He stood his ground in the middle of the street as his flock quickly escaped into a nearby vacant lot. I was overcome by the urge to sing a carol or two. No, it doesn’t take much to get me in the holiday spirit.

I have so much to be grateful for this season. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am blessed with good friends, ample food and sound health. Real Estate sales are picking up slowly but surely as the winter “snowbirds” arrive and our vacation rental division is going and growing very well. Prices are still down and the supply of available homes and condos is dwindling. It’s a great time to escape the winter and come visit where it is always spring/summer. Looking for a vacation home or a vacation rental , I can help.
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!