Guest from the Mainland.

There is nothing like a visit from a Mainland friend to remind me how fortunate I am to live in Hawaii.

I just dropped off my very dear friend Maggie at the Kona airport after a whirlwind two weeks of fun in the sun. Maggie lives in British Columbia, Canada. Her home is on Vancouver Island just outside of Victoria. Anyone who has been to Victoria can tell you that it is a very beautiful place. The city is alive with museums, harbor activities, float planes, street artists, good food, friendly faces and a natural beauty that is hard to rival. But Maggie went home to temperatures in the 40’s and rain and it is not even Halloween. I am sure her newly acquired tan is rapidly fading even as she jets east to her home in BC. Maggie’s visit and my part as tour guide here on the Big Island helps me to see my every day scenery, which I sometimes take for granted, with fresh eyes and enthusiasm.

Each morning we started with a breakfast smoothie of fresh Island fruit including pineapple, banana, and/or papaya followed by an hour or so of tennis, then a quick dip in the pool and a half hour of tanning (with sunscreen of course). A local lunch of kalua pig and cabbage, kalbi ribs, or a fresh fish sandwich provided energy for an afternoon of sightseeing. We saw it all top to bottom, mauka to makai, east to west and back again. Star gazing standing next to the Keck Observatory on the top of Mauna Kea, a hike into Waipio Valley, snorkeling at Two Step near Kealakekua Bay, the tsunami museum and botanical gardens in Hilo to the a village stroll in downtown Kona town: in between a stop at Kilauea to check out the lava flow and Southpoint, the southernmost point in the USA. Never has it all looked so good until seen through the fresh eyes of a good friend. Why is it that I wait until I have company to enjoy the very things that inspired me to move here?

Living in Hawaii the past nine years ago has insured that I will get to see my friends and family sometime between October to April, when they tire of the cold and snow, hail and rain, freezing temperatures and short days. It is one of the many benefits of living in paradise. They listen to my raving about how great it is to live here, how good the real estate market is right now to buy , how low the home prices are and of course all the health benefits of the active lifestyle here in the Islands.

I will miss Maggie but she is coming back again in March to escape the winter. You should come as well. Call me and I can help set you up in a beautiful condo by the sea, or a vacation home large enough for the whole family to enjoy. While you are here, think about retirement and where you want to spend it.
Opportunity is knocking , will you answer the door??
Let Me Help